The Email on Acid Mod Squad

Specialized in precision, accuracy and all things email.
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  • Miki
    Michelle Klann ~ Co-Founder

    Michelle (aka Miki) is a Jackie of all trades. Though she specializes as a designer, she's been known to knock down some pretty nifty, object oriented, JS applications ~ Mozify anyone? When she's not geeking out on the computer, you can find Miki at the volleyball court, playing golf, or cracking the whip with her two little, wild and crazy youngsters.

  • John
    John Thies ~ Co-Founder

    John is "The Man" behind the scenes at Email on Acid who makes sure everything is running smoothly. He loves technology, from programming to tinkering with mobile devices to reading Wired Magazine. When he's not in front of a computer or playing Nerf hoops with his colleagues, he is either playing golf, on the softball field, snowboarding or hanging out with his wife and son.

  • Tonniel
    Tonniel Chin ~ Systems Engineer

    Tonniel (aka Sanka, and yes, that is a Cool Runnings reference) is always looking for a problem to solve, like how to finally beat his colleagues in Nerf 'HORSE'. A graduate of Texas A&M, Tonniel relishes the day he can teach his sons calculus. His hobbies include poker, coding (sad, he knows), fishing and exploring new places with his family.

  • Geoff
    Geoff Phillips ~ Sr. Editor & Email Specialist

    Geoff's role is half writer, half email builder/fixer and half customer support (yes, he knows that adds up to 1 1/2 people). A graduate of UC Santa Cruz, he polished his writing skills working for newspapers and magazines and got a certificate in web development before joining our team to live his dream. When he's not learning about CSS, Geoff enjoys exploring the Denver restaurant scene or hiking in the foothills.

  • Jordan Richmeier ~ Web/Software Developer

    When he's not running around in the mountains or building mods for video games, Jordan is keeping up with the very cutting edge of web development and programming. A natural born problem solver and analytical thinker, he takes great pride in finally uncovering that complex solution. Despite his prowess with a computer, a Nerf 'HORSE' win is likely not to become part of his list of achievements in the near future. Favorite quote: There's no place like

  • Duane "The IT guy" ~ Network & Systems Administration

    Duane likes computers. He likes building, buying, repairing, fixing, managing, networking and recycling computers. Over his 17+ years of experience in information technology, Duane has worked with DOS, UNIX, WINDOWS, LINUX and VMWARE. Favorite quote: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke

  • Mallory Mongeon ~ Staff Writer/Marketing

    Mallory (last name pronounced Moe-shon) is the person behind our email campaigns and social media channels. She also blogs about the marketing (i.e. non-technical) side of email marketing and has a background in research and metrics driven marketing strategies. If she's not tweeting dorky email jokes, Mallory is talking incessantly about her dachshund, Schnapps (yes, she named him that). Strike up a convo with her on Twitter about the latest tech gossip.

  • Christian Ferrier ~ Web/Software Developer

    Being a dad, Christian spends most of his ""free"" time reading books with lots of pictures, running around the house and playing trains. He enjoys listening to most kinds of music, too, but is especially fond of bebop, cool jazz and classical. A developer with significant technical support experience, Christian also owned and operated a successful landscaping business for 13 years. Favorite quote: The only source of knowledge is experience. - Albert Einstein

  • Allan Patterson ~ Web/Software Developer

    Allan is a technical problem solver with a degree in computer engineering from Purdue University (Go Boilers!). He loves learning new things and helping others to learn. When he isn't coding, he enjoys playing video games and board games, as well as tinkering with various electronics and LEGO® bricks. Outdoors, he enjoys skiing, ice skating and hiking with his wife and their golden retriever, Amy, who is notoriously clumsy at ice skating.

  • Melinda Stanley ~ Technical & Customer Support

    Melinda brings world-class tact and diplomacy to the support staff team. Having lived all over the world, she has learned multicultural problem solving techniques suitable for every occasion. She loves to learn new things, while sharing a laugh with great people, and is always pursuing a variety of interests that range from spending downtime with a good book to playing a rousing round of video games, hosting a huge summer party to traveling around the globe.

  • Daniel Puckett ~ Director of Client Services

    Daniel (just call him Dan) is your typical PE all-star. He enjoys going to bed early on Friday nights, taking long walks at the park with his dog and stuffing his face with Southern home cooking. With a background in project management, sales and business development, Dan has a deep interest in building strategic partnerships with others in the industry. If you see the Email on Acid logo at a trade show, no doubt Dan's there. Stop by and say hello.

  • Michelle Drayson ~ Director of Operations

    Michelle was raised in Los Angeles and moved to Denver to slow her life down and find balance, which she believes she has achieved both personally and professionally.  Having worked in both large and small office environments, she finds that working closely with her colleagues and successfully juggling her many daily responsibilities brings her happiness. Michelle also finds joy in her son, reading, writing and cooking.

  • Benjamin Simorka ~ Technical & Customer Support

    Ben is a hardcore baseball fan who recently moved to Denver from his hometown of Saint Louis. After majoring in English (and spending his days writing poetry and short fiction), Ben graduated and traveled the country selling all things tech and searching for new experiences. One fateful trip to Colorado and into the mountains was all it took for him to pack up and move west. Now he spends his days tasting new beers and running around the wilderness.

  • Eric Stevenson ~ Quality Assurance Analyst

    Eric is a born and raised Colorado native (which are more rare than you might imagine). He has a degree in economics from CSU and a background in quality assurance and risk management. When he's not backpacking, skiing or climbing, Eric's planning and hosting his next barbecue with friends and family, setting up Slip'N Slides, having tea parties or coloring and painting with his kids.

  • Thomas Skinner ~ Web/Software Developer

    Tom has been working with computers for as long as he can remember, from making chatbots in VB to open-source video games. Failing to make the distinction between programming languages and real languages, he got a degree in linguistics and has been working on bridging the gap between human and machine since. The rest of his free time is spent writing music, learning languages (both kinds) and trying to use the things he's learned.

  • Brian Crawford ~ Technical & Customer Support

    Brian claims to have spent all of his free time on computers since he was a child. When he isn’t “wasting his life” playing games, he’s making sure things are working as they should in the office. Having grown up in Florida, he couldn’t be happier with his decision to move to Colorado. If he isn’t fighting the good fight on the Internet, Brian can be found hiking and camping outdoors, enjoying a local craft beer or basking in the distinctive Colorado culture.

  • Zack Peacock ~ Marketing Operations Officer

    When Zack isn't crunching numbers for Email on Acid or providing marketing strategy consulting for Ecom startups, you'll find him appreciating the fact he lives in Denver. His favorite activities include biking around small mountain towns, snowboarding the back country, hiking fourteeners, training for races, having a pint at the British Bulldog at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning while watching a Premiere League match and picking a few tunes on the banjo.

  • Tim Campbell ~ Project Manager

    A recent transplant from the East Coast and self-proclaimed champion of intricate Post-It note project tracking, Tim’s background in problem solving, scope management and process improvement make him the perfect Scrum master. When he’s not in the office, Tim enjoys getting lost in the Rocky Mountains, brewing beer, taking pictures and watching all his favorite D.C. teams fall short of expectations.

  • Tanya Wheeler-Berliner ~ Senior Marketing Manager

    A lifelong word nerd with a professional background in communications, public relations and marketing, Tanya has pledged her unwavering allegiance to AP Style and the Oxford comma (at least in her personal life). When she isn't debating hyphenation rules and developing marketing strategies, she enjoys crafting, soaking up the Colorado sunshine, listening to all kinds of music (loudly) and initiating living room dance parties with her husband and daughter.