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Old Navy Isn’t Kidding (About Design)

Posted February 8, 2013 by Geoff Phillips

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Formula for Success

Though simple in design, this email takes advantage of a powerful design technique: the “F” reading pattern. Can you see it?

It may not be obvious, but it's a very powerful tool. Most readers will create an "F" pattern to scan through a page quickly. They start at the top of the page and read to the right, making the top of the “F.” They then scan down the page on the left, looking at headings and paragraph starts. This makes the vertical line of our “F.” Finally, if something in the middle of the page catches their eye, they will read across a little more, making the cross in the middle of the “F.”

A Good Fit

Old Navy took advantage of this reading pattern by creating an email layout that makes sure their call to action and pertinent sale information fall within the “F.” Readers who see the sale information and are interested will read the small article included in the email if they want more information, or just click right through if they’re ready to shop. Including an article with the sale info makes this email a lot more shareable, especially with those conveniently placed “share” buttons.

Falling Prices!

All of this design wouldn’t help much if they hadn’t chosen a powerful incentive, but I think most parents’ eyes will light up on seeing “up to 40% off on everything.” Even though not all items will be at 40% off, this incentive should get lots of people clicking through to check out their site and the deals they offer.

This sale email may be for kids, but it’s going to get some serious attention from parents.


ferno pic
They definitely won't kid about their design. They very well crafted their this product too. Readers who see the sale information and are interested will read the small article included in the email. it is like an email revolution. thank you.
Posted 01/07/2014

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