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Tuesday - May 7, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Check out how we used Mozify to improve the images-off appearance of Speedo's latest email.

Wednesday - February 20, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

We've heard some concern about the file size of emails when using Mozify. Like any tool, Mozify can be used many different ways. We’re going to show you three different approaches to Mozifying one email.

Thursday - November 29, 2012
by Geoff Phillips

I recently saw this email from Lee, and I think that Mozify could be a perfect fit for their next email marketing campaign. It's a great promotional email, with a clear call to action, but that wouldn't be evident to anybody who sees their email with images blocked. I used our Mozify tool to give this email a much needed makeover.

Friday - September 21, 2012
by Michelle Klann

Last Wednesday - September 12, 2012, to be exact, we sent out an email blast with more information about Mozify along with a crafty headline image demonstrating the capabilities of our new tool! Thanks to all of you who watched our introductory videos and shared your interest in using Mozify!

Once again, the number of requests to join our private beta has blown us away and the stats from our email campaign were even more amazing!


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