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Wednesday - April 16, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

Google has been making waves recently with their updates to Gmail, most notably the introduction of the Promotions tab that got all us marketers in a tizzy. On March 25th, 2014 Google announced a new update, called Gridview.

Finally... an update that most marketers are actually excited about!

Tuesday - March 25, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

According to, the search volume for infographics increased by a whopping 800% between 2010 and 2012. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have risen in popularity due to the public desire for infographics and other image-based content. That's why we searched high and low on the web and found the best email marketing infographics to share with you. Take a quick break from your day and soak up some visually enticing information.

Wednesday - March 5, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

If you aren't taking advantage of responsive email design right now, you are flushing money down the drain. We took the time to scour the web and find 10 stellar responsive email templates you can customize and brand to put your best foot forward with your subscribers.

Plus, these templates are hella cheap so you don't have to break the bank kick-starting your next email campaign.

Monday - March 3, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

We've reached the final blog in our series of Open Rate Optimization. With over 1.9 billion non-SPAM emails being sent every day, your subject lines is what stands between your email being opened or trashed. It is your first (and perhaps only) chance to make an impression and improve your open rates. So how do you nail down killer subject lines? By A/B testing your way to creating captivating openers.

Wednesday - February 26, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

A common perception is that if you email your list too often, they'll unsubscribe. That is not always the case though. Find out what the sweet spot is for your email marketing sending frequency.

Tuesday - February 25, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

Calling All Email Experts!

Teamwork within our community is crucial, that is why we are putting together a resource page on our website to list our most trusted and tested email designers.

Want to get on the list?

Friday - February 21, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

If you don’t make it to the inbox, you won’t be getting ANY opens. PERIOD. So before you can worry about your campaign’s open rate, you need to focus on deliverability. It's a lot easier than you’d think for an innocent, legitimate email to be mistaken as SPAM. Grab this list of SPAM tips and tricks to avoid these risky filters.

Wednesday - February 19, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

Email on Acid is currently hiring a Software Testing Analyst/QA in the DTC!

Continuous testing of new development and bug-fixing will be the primary focus of the role, acting as a Level II support representative for customer escalations may be required as we grow. This position is for a strong, self-driven individual who is comfortable taking on new challenges in an established startup.

Wednesday - February 19, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

Email on Acid is currently hiring a Technical Support Associate to work Sunday -- Friday 10pm-7am!

We are on the hunt for a successful candidate that will maintain the services and infrastructure with specific attention to availability, performance, and consistent operation.

Monday - February 17, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

After the effort you put into designing, writing and editing your email campaign, it’s easy to feel trigger happy with the send button. However, you should get your finger off that trigger and consider when the most optimal time to send is. Don't let your message get caught in the endless abyss of your subscriber's inbox with these tips to optimize your open rates.

Friday - February 14, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

With over 100 billion emails sent and received per day, how do you stack the odds in your favor that your subscribers open your email? The answer is simple: make your content RELEVANT to them. Find out what makes your subscribers tick. Unfortunately for you, you probably have more than one target customer on your list of subscribers. So how do you speak to all these customers at once by making sure your message is personally relevant to every single one of them? Than answer is... YOU DON'T! That is where list segmentation comes in.

Monday - February 10, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

The bigger your subscriber list is, the better, right? Wrong! While it is advantageous to have a large list of subscribers, it is important to know quality trumps quantity every day of the week when it comes to your subscriber size. That is why we are kicking off our series of blogs with tips to optimize open rates by focusing on how to build a quality list. Enjoy!

Wednesday - January 29, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

This couldn’t be truer when talking about email marketing, or more specifically, about subject lines. According to an analysis of 5 million emails from Baydin, an email management service, the average email user gets 147 messages per day and deletes 71 (48%).

What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

Thursday - December 19, 2013
by Mallory Mongeon

Who needs 6 degrees?!

We've got a direct line to fame and fortune right here in the office. Our celebrity connection at Email on Acid is our Systems Engineer, Tonniel Chin! Chin… does that ring a bell for any pop culture or music aficionados out there? If you haven’t made the connection yet, our very own Tonniel is the brother of Tessanne Chin, the winner of The Voice season 5 (queue the confetti falling from the ceiling).

Thursday - December 12, 2013
by Mallory Mongeon

Email testing has found a new home.

Drum roll please…

We are proud to announce that Email on Acid has FINALLY made the move into our brand new, stunning office space! We landed some prime real estate in the Tech Center of Denver Colorado (designed and built from scratch!) and we couldn’t be more excited about the finished product.


Tuesday - December 10, 2013
by Mallory Mongeon

Zero risk, zero hassle and no obligation – period!

There is always a fine line between cocky and confident. Instead of being cocky and telling you how great our email testing service is, we’ve decided to just show you instead.

Monday - September 30, 2013
by Mallory Mongeon

Email On Acid is excited to welcome aboard a new member to our team, Mallory Mongeon (pronounced Moe-shon not Mon-gee-on).

Monday - July 1, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Don't you wish you could just drag and drop chunks of an email template into place, and then fill them with content? Well, thanks to Xaver Birsak you can.

We decided to interview the genius behind this technology so that our readers can get to know him better.

Friday - June 28, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Just a quick update for the email marketing folks: Yahoo! is planning to release some email addresses that have been inactive for 1+ years.

Wednesday - June 26, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

If you've done much email coding for Outlook 07/10/13 then you know what a challenge backgrounds and buttons can be. Stig Morten Myre heard the cries of the people and created a couple amazing tools: and We were curious about the wizard behind the curtain so we reached out to Stig for a one-on-one interview..

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