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Wednesday - July 23, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

If you have a globally diverse subscriber list, testing in country specific email clients is a must!

We've added 5 major email clients that cater to countries and subscribers far and wide. Check 'em out here.

Thursday - July 17, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

Our self-serve email testing platform lets you test your email in a jiffy, giving you an EXACT representation of your email by taking real screen captures.

If you are just getting started with email testing, find out how the auto process method can get you the most ACCURATE testing results!

Wednesday - July 16, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

We are seeking a contractor/part time UI/UX Designer to contribute to our unique online customer experience.

Would you be a good fit?

Thursday - July 10, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

We are filling 1 position on our support team to help keep applications running and manage Customer Support, as well as participate in our Social Media upkeep, Quality Assurance, and Development Testing functions.

Would you be a good fit?

Tuesday - July 8, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

Email on Acid is currently hiring a PHP Developer in the DTC!

We are on the search for someone who will develop and code software to enhance existing functionality, expand and integrate new modules, execute customer API integration projects, and internal automation projects with your main focus on troubleshooting and “hot fixes”. If this sounds right up your alley, please get in touch with us immediately.

Monday - June 23, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

We’ve added another web client to our testing platform! Microsoft Office 365 has been on the rise lately and is in fierce competition with Google Apps. Now you can ensure pixel perfection in yet another email client.

Check here for a refresher on how to change your default client list, and get to testing!

Tuesday - June 3, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

Mac out on more Apple previews!

Behind the scenes, we’re constantly working to improve the Email on Acid experience for our loyal subscribers. We are excited to announce that we’re adding Apple Mail 7 & the iOS Gmail App to our library of email clients!

Friday - April 11, 2014
by Geoff Phillips

We've added a new notification option to our testing suite.

This means you can start a test without ever logging in, and results will automatically be delivered to your email address!

Monday - April 7, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

Out with the old…

A few old clients must retire to make room for the new ones.

We'll be adding Internet Explorer 10 to our repertoire of email previews soon!

Wednesday - February 12, 2014
by Geoff Phillips

Email on Acid is seeking a UI/UX Designer to contribute to our unique online customer experience.

We are looking for a creative individual, deeply immersed in user experience who understands how to wear the multiple hats of a front-end web designer.

Tuesday - February 4, 2014
by Geoff Phillips

We kicked off 2014 right and made some killer enhancements that will make Email on Acid better than ever. We've implemented tweaks across the board by ramping up everything from analytics to data storage.

Read on to see how these new features can take your testing to the next level.

Wednesday - November 20, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

We recently streamlined the testing process with another new feature: Auto-process.

Now all you have to do is send your test email to your account's unique "auto-process address." Once we receive it, we process your test automatically and you can find your results on your dashboard.

Friday - October 18, 2013
by Michelle Klann

"What gives? My email renders perfectly in my Email on Acid test results but it doesn't render correctly when I test it in my local email client!"

This is a great question! First, let's start by covering the most important fact: In order to provide an EXACT representation of your email, we process real screen captures. If you see a discrepancy in our test results, the most common culprit is your Email Service Provider (ESP).

In this article we'll cover each of your testing options along with our recommendations for getting the most accurate results. 

Tuesday - October 15, 2013
by Mallory Mongeon

Our goal as a self-serve testing platform is to make your life easier, not harder! For that reason we are always on the lookout for your feedback, recommendations and tips on how we can improve your experience. That is why we have enhanced our system by giving you access to your test and archived results faster than ever before!

Monday - August 12, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

For our one millionth email test we'll be giving away a super-sweet EOA Prize Pack. The prize pack includes free testing and a pile of awesome EOA swag!!

Monday - June 17, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Hey Mac fans! We know we haven't given you quite as much love as the Windows kids out there, but now we're going to offer Mac previews alongside the Windows ones. Go ahead, print your first one out and put it next to your framed picture of Steve Jobs. You're in the in-crowd now.

Thursday - June 6, 2013
by Michelle Klann

Mobile devices are all about the freedom to take your data with you, where ever you go. We want your email preview experience to be just as free, which is why we implemented drag & throw functionality, along with horizontal and vertical views.

Monday - April 22, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Check out the latest updates to our platform with our April release, including:

  • Link Validation
  • Resubmit Screenshots
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Session Expiration Notification
  • Bug Fixes
Tuesday - January 22, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

If you're a member you've probably already noticed the new user interface for the member's area of the site. We've also added Analytics to our suite of subscriber features as well as a new status page.

Monday - December 17, 2012
by EOA Test Account

JJ Ramberg starts the segment by guessing that a lot of her viewers use email to communicate with their customers and users.

We're betting that she's absolutely right, and we'd like to thank her for stressing the importance of pre-flight rendering and SPAM checks, as well as pointing out that EOA does more than provide screenshots, we provide insights into the discrepancies discovered.

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