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Tuesday - February 4, 2014
by Geoff Phillips

We kicked off 2014 right and made some killer enhancements that will make Email on Acid better than ever. We've implemented tweaks across the board by ramping up everything from analytics to data storage.

Read on to see how these new features can take your testing to the next level.

Wednesday - January 29, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

This couldn’t be truer when talking about email marketing, or more specifically, about subject lines. According to an analysis of 5 million emails from Baydin, an email management service, the average email user gets 147 messages per day and deletes 71 (48%).

What are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

Tuesday - January 28, 2014
by Geoff Phillips

A good email template can make or break your marketing, but designing and building a template from scratch can be a very time-intensive process.

Instead of creating a template from the ground up, let us save you hours of precious time with these 10 places to grab your very own email template. Simply download a template and customize it to fit your specific needs.

Oh and did we mention... They’re free!

Wednesday - January 22, 2014
by Mallory Mongeon

The new “it” couple: Marketing and A/B testing

As digital marketers, we can no longer rely on JUST our intuition when deciding what will resonate with our audience.

Instead, we need hard facts and in-depth analytics to point us in the right direction for the best conversion optimization and that’s where A/B testing comes into play.

Monday - January 20, 2014
by Geoff Phillips

Not only is mobile here to stay, it's on the rise.

If you're not optimizing your email campaigns for mobile, you're missing out on a BIG chunk of change.

Monday - January 13, 2014
by Geoff Phillips

Everyone has their own method and steps they follow when creating a killer email template, but you may be putting the cart before the horse if you are making this simple SPAM testing mistake.

Thursday - December 19, 2013
by Mallory Mongeon

Who needs 6 degrees?!

We've got a direct line to fame and fortune right here in the office. Our celebrity connection at Email on Acid is our Systems Engineer, Tonniel Chin! Chin… does that ring a bell for any pop culture or music aficionados out there? If you haven’t made the connection yet, our very own Tonniel is the brother of Tessanne Chin, the winner of The Voice season 5 (queue the confetti falling from the ceiling).

Thursday - December 12, 2013
by Mallory Mongeon

Email testing has found a new home.

Drum roll please…

We are proud to announce that Email on Acid has FINALLY made the move into our brand new, stunning office space! We landed some prime real estate in the Tech Center of Denver Colorado (designed and built from scratch!) and we couldn’t be more excited about the finished product.


Tuesday - December 10, 2013
by Mallory Mongeon

Zero risk, zero hassle and no obligation – period!

There is always a fine line between cocky and confident. Instead of being cocky and telling you how great our email testing service is, we’ve decided to just show you instead.

Monday - December 9, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Yahoo! Mail is a popular web-based email client. Most problems with this client are caused by remnants of Yahoo! Shortcuts. This infuriating feature turned random keywords into advertisement links. We give kudos to Yahoo! for removing it, but it seems to have some lingering aftereffects.

Read on for our top list of need-to-know tips for coding emails for this cranky client.

Monday - December 2, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

We know how difficult it can be coding for this client, but it might not be as old as you think. Though some call it a dinosaur, Lotus Notes 6.5 came out in 2003, with a new version every couple of years after that.

The real problem with Lotus Notes isn't its age; it's the quirky rendering delivered by this client. Don't worry, we've got your back.

Check out our handy list of pain points and make your Lotus Notes coding stress-free.

Monday - November 25, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Since Microsoft migrated all of their users from the old Hotmail platform, has grown by leaps and bounds. Despite the facelift, Hotmail and are almost identical under the hood. This tricky client is still giving everybody a run for their money.

Check out our list of must-know tips for

Wednesday - November 20, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

We recently streamlined the testing process with another new feature: Auto-process.

Now all you have to do is send your test email to your account's unique "auto-process address." Once we receive it, we process your test automatically and you can find your results on your dashboard.

Monday - November 18, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Designing for Outlook is like chasing the ever elusive White Whale. We spend hours pursuing it, tracking down bugs and glitches, trying to achieve pixel perfection in a distinctly imperfect environment.

Here are 17 tips to improve your outlook on Outlook.

Monday - November 11, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Are you looking for a head start on fixing all the client quirks that emails encounter in the wild?

Try our boilerplate, and hit the ground running.

Monday - November 4, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Google Fonts makes integrating new typography a total cake-walk!

But is it safe for email yet?

Monday - October 28, 2013
by Mallory Mongeon

For a decent amount of people, they view Halloween as just one day of the year they can don some crazy attire and shove their faces with candy, but for marketers it is way more than that. For marketers, October brings forth a month of creative opportunity to increase brand awareness and revenue.

Monday - October 21, 2013
by Mallory Mongeon

Integrating video in your email marketing efforts is your next step to better marketing results because you can give a voice and a face to your brand. Over 60% of people said that they preferred video over text when viewing the exact same content, so what are you waiting for? Give the people what they want! Check out this list of 11 creative ways to use video in your email marketing campaigns.

Friday - October 18, 2013
by Michelle Klann

"What gives? My email renders perfectly in my Email on Acid test results but it doesn't render correctly when I test it in my local email client!"

This is a great question! First, let's start by covering the most important fact: In order to provide an EXACT representation of your email, we process real screen captures. If you see a discrepancy in our test results, the most common culprit is your Email Service Provider (ESP).

In this article we'll cover each of your testing options along with our recommendations for getting the most accurate results. 

Thursday - October 17, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Video has always been the last kid picked for the marketing team, but with the introduction of HTML5 video support he's grown 4 inches and he's got a wicked jump shot.

Here are 7 reasons you should consider taking video off the bench to see how it performs in your next campaign.

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