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Thursday - June 27, 2013
by Michelle Klann

Is your email displaying as the mobile version in Outlook/IE9?  Here's something that recently happend to one of our customers along with the solution...

Wednesday - June 26, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

If you've done much email coding for Outlook 07/10/13 then you know what a challenge backgrounds and buttons can be. Stig Morten Myre heard the cries of the people and created a couple amazing tools: and We were curious about the wizard behind the curtain so we reached out to Stig for a one-on-one interview..

Tuesday - June 25, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Need a little refresher on Gmail's particular client quirks? Look no further!

This guide covers all of the most important things to remember when dealing with Gmail.

Wednesday - June 19, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Are you having problems with the line height of your email in or Hotmail? This problem is caused by's style sheet forcing a line-height of 131%.

The solution? This one's actually very easy. All you need to add is a little CSS magic.

Monday - June 17, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Hey Mac fans! We know we haven't given you quite as much love as the Windows kids out there, but now we're going to offer Mac previews alongside the Windows ones. Go ahead, print your first one out and put it next to your framed picture of Steve Jobs. You're in the in-crowd now.

Thursday - June 13, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Check out all the tricks we tried to get backgrounds to work in Outlook Web App (OWA).

Think you've got a better idea? We'd love to hear it!

Thursday - June 6, 2013
by Michelle Klann

Mobile devices are all about the freedom to take your data with you, where ever you go. We want your email preview experience to be just as free, which is why we implemented drag & throw functionality, along with horizontal and vertical views.

Wednesday - June 5, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Are you seeing 4-5px gaps underneath your images in Outlook 365's Outlook Web App (OWA)? Check out our latest blog on client quirks to see how to fix this annoying problem.

Friday - May 31, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Does logging into your inbox remind you of an episode of Hoarders? Are disorganized messages circling you like a murder of crows? Well, according to the Gmail team, "it doesn’t have to be that way."

Thursday - May 30, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Microsoft's new Office 365 service is intended to replace their desktop product suite. As part of a subscription, they'll offer all of your old favorites (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) in their most up-to-date versions, accessible from anywhere. Sounds great, doesn't it? Hold on to that thought for a moment, email designers. Read about Office 365’s version of Outlook, or the Outlook Web App (OWA), and how it will affect your email design.

Monday - May 27, 2013
by Michelle Klann

Many of our readers ask us how to make their 1, 2, and 3 column layouts "responsive." To address this need, we found inspiration from the web, and developed a "how to tutorial." We later learned that a layout that we had used to draw inspiration was being sold on Theme Forest for profit.

Tuesday - May 7, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Check out how we used Mozify to improve the images-off appearance of Speedo's latest email.

Tuesday - April 30, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

We recently came across this clever email from One King's Lane. The email looks great with images downloaded, but that wasn't what caught our eye. Email clients will show a variety of things when they encounter an image that doesn't have specified height or width. Read on to find out exactly what they'll display!

Monday - April 22, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Check out the latest updates to our platform with our April release, including:

  • Link Validation
  • Resubmit Screenshots
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Session Expiration Notification
  • Bug Fixes
Friday - April 12, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

Backgrounds might seem like they should be a simple effect to achieve in HTML email, but that's not always the case. Outlook 2007, 2010 and even 2013 will give users who rely on the body's background-image property a lot of trouble. Because of these problems many have turned to Vector Markup Language (VML), part of the Office Open XML standards.

Read more about it in this blog.

Tuesday - April 2, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

We recently came across a problem in where emails were being rendered as a blank white page. Examining the "View email source" showed us that the code had indeed been recieved. So why was the email blank?

Wednesday - March 27, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

In our responsive design testing, we've been trying a number of different techniques to control how our emails are displayed. One tempting piece of internet technology was this little line of code:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0," />

Turns out this tag causes a BLANK, white screen in the BlackBerry.  Check out our test results on all devices...

Monday - March 25, 2013
by Michelle Klann

Ever since 2011, when we started testing media queries for mobile devices, I have found it difficult to remember how the min-width and max-width conditional statements operate. Even to this day, I have to slow down, and repeat in my head what they actually mean because frankly, I find their naming convention to be very unintuitive.

In this article, I'll attempt to break it down in a way that makes it simpler to understand.

Friday - March 22, 2013
by Michelle Klann

With mobile on the rise and so many of our users inquiring about best practices for developing responsive emails, we figured it's a great time to offer up a series of free email templates to get you up and running as fast as possible.  Check out our first free mobile template...

Thursday - March 21, 2013
by Geoff Phillips

It would be nice if all devices responded to media queries in exactly the same way, but they don't. As discussed in our previous blog, screen resolution doesn't determine how media queries respond on many devices.

Well we've put each of our in house devices to the media query test, here's what we found...

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